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Duo Pro touch swap to Pivi Pro


New member
I know it’s been asked before and I’m aware the official answer is No! But what is the difficulty with swapping Pro touch to Pivi pro? Is it dash harness differences or software compatibility? Since the Ipace hasn’t changed much, I can’t believe JLR would invest a ton of money on changing all its harnesses for an infotainment system. Does anyone have an insider technical answer? Just a background note, when I was a tech, I worked with united radio to make instructions on how to upgrade sync1 to HDD navigation with Sony audio and rear dvd system. I’ve been in trouble for changing hexadecimal code adding features. I realize the Ipace is way more complicated, but I’d like to know what the hurdle is. Harness, hardware, or software compatibility? Any techs or insiders have some input?