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I-Pace - won’t charge - can’t be repaired


New member
I have a first edition IPace purchased in 2019 from San Francisco dealership and moved to Lanai Hawaii. The car has been perfect - so beautiful, fun to drive and not a problem. My garage door broke and fell on the car - since I had to ship my car from Lanai to Honolulu for body work, I decided to go ahead have the car serviced and tires replaced at the dealership on Honolulu. The car is under warranty with very little mileage. The dealership did an upgrade on my car and shipped it back to me. This was last September. My I-Pace stopped charging intermittently and then completely lost the ability to take a charge. So in December I had to have the car shipped back to Honolulu and service replaced a computer module, then shipped it back to me. The same thing happened again. So now, in April, I am on my third time over to the dealership and they cannot seem to find a resolution for the problem. I sent a note from this forum letting them know the solution others have found with the problem in the I-Pace. I had no idea that this problem is common with the I-Pace until now.
That is the background and here is the problem. So for 8 months - no resolution. I have basically been without a car for any time at all for 8 months now. The Honolulu service department tells me the part that they need is not available. The part is called: “Battery Charging Controller Module.” There are 4 dealerships across the country that have the part, but each have them earmarked for specific customers and will not send us the part. Today I was notified that the part we need will be manufactured in Europe and not available until June 4, earliest and another 4-6 weeks to ship it to the dealer. Keep in mind I have no car and my IPace is sitting over in Honolulu for a month now. Sounds like they are saying our car will not be returned to us until August - earliest. It is May 5th. I do not have a car - I asked for a loaner. I was told that they could not send over a car, despite the circumstances. In fact, when I complained - and I am livid about all this - the service dealer suggested I purchase a used car to hold me over. SERIOUSLY? I live on a tiny Island and there are no used cars available - even to entertain that absurd suggestion. To rent a car here on Lanai is over $300 per day and the Jaguar dealership informed me that their insurance would not cover that. I am very upset about the lack of help or understanding with this longstanding problem. Meanwhile I am making my monthly payments on the car and insuring it - while I am not able to drive it and it sits on another Island.
When I complained again I was told to call corporate. As if they are going to help me.
I would appreciate your ideas as to what I might do to help myself out of this mess? Do I have any rights at all here?