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    I Pace owner in midwest USA

    We bought our 2020 I Pace back in October of 2020 and have no regrets. I switched out the original 20" wheels and tires for 22" tires expecting to use the 20" wheels/ tires next winter but I found that the traction control is so good that the 22" tires are perfectly adequate for my semi retired...
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    20" wheels and tires

    I have four 20" style 5070 split-spoke wheels in technical gray mounted on the original Goodyear Eagle Sport tires 245/50 R20 size. The wheels and tires have less than 1000 miles on them and are in perfect condition. After driving our new 2020 I Pace from the dealer in Vienna, Virginia to our...
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    A new i-pace in France

    Welcome to the forum, you made a good choice buying the I Pace, it is a great car. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Gary