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  1. MidAmericaEV

    Tollway Transponder mounted on License Plate

    We ordered a tollway transponder that mounted to the license plate, and it has made all the difference. The windshield mounted transponder was continually getting interfering with the electronics of the car. For those on the east coast it works great with EZPass tollways. As it is positioned as...
  2. MidAmericaEV

    Recommend Roof Sunshade

    For those who are interested in feedback on the Roof Sunshade, #T4K11558, we have been using it for the last four months, and have had great results. We needed it for a number of long road trips we took this summer driving across the country. Blocking the direct sunlight was a must for our...
  3. MidAmericaEV

    Welcome to the Jaguar I-Pace Forum, please post an introduction

    We purchased a MY19 HSE in April and have traveled 12k so far. Took a nice 3k journey to NE in August. No problem finding DC chargers, used Plugshare, and Electrify America. This car offers such a sweet driving experience. Welcome to the future!